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I pledge to join with other Beyonders to create an unforgettable journey, a unique adventure, and create extraordinary memories together.


I pledge to be kind, to have an open heart and mind, to honor the unique gifts and value of others, regardless of their differences.


I pledge to respect people's opinions and beliefs and to accept their legitimate choices in clothing, food, and drink, just as I expect them to accept mine.


I pledge to protect everything I witness from others: in their strong moments, their vulnerable moments, and everything in between.


I pledge to keep the harmony and collective energy of the group positive and high at all times.


I will keep conversations light and thoughtful, avoiding sensitive issues, controversial debates, and please God, no arguments.


I will respect the privacy and personal rules of others in regards to posting on social media. I will always inform them before posting anything.


I pledge to look back on this trip as a starting point for lasting memories and friendships...

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